Building a High-Performance Business

All top-flight CEOs run high-performance businesses. But this begs the question – exactly what is a high performance business? What are the benefits of a high-performance business?

A High-Performance business has five distinct characteristics. Specifically a high-performance business is a business:

  1. Which is focused on serving a specific market niche and is systems driven
  2. Where everyone has a job to do, knows how to do it and executes it daily
  3. That can operate without you and still provide the same high standards you provide when you are there
  4. Where the Team Leader can take at least eight weeks off per year (two months) and still have a growing business
  5. Where a combination of the above factors allows the Team Leader to sell his or her business for a significant profit when ready to retire

Does your business look like this? Does this sound attractive? Most agents we talk with would love to operate a high performance business. Invariably they ask what does it take to build a high-performance business. Like any journey, there are number of steps that you must take to build a high-performance business. There are a least four things you should focus on as a business owner if that is the direction you want the business to go.

  • Focus on specific market niches – do not try to be all things to all people; the most profitable businesses focus on a very small niche but execute brilliantly
  • Build a team of at least two ( i.e. you and an admin assistant); without some kind of help you cannot build a high-performance business
  • Relentlessly focus on teaching your team your standards – the ones that made you successful; only when they understand and have internalized these standards can your business grow your way
  • Think repeatable systems; find out what worked, analyze it carefully and try to get the same results with your team members

Building a high-performance business is not easy. The Real Estate CEO is focused on taking aspiring CEOs through the various steps to build businesses just like this. Like any journey, it starts with the first step.


Andrew C. Zsolt, C.A, M.B.A, F.R.I.

Andrew Zsolt is a Chartered Accountant (CPA) (1983) who received his MBA (1984) from the University of Western Ontario. Andrew is also one of the only two Certified Trainers in Canada for the acclaimed Ninja Selling Program.

Andrew founded Terrequity Realty in 1990. Until 2014, Andrew built the largest Coldwell Banker Franchise in the world outside of the USA. In 2014, Andrew moved his entire company, Terrequity Realty to Royal LePage. Terrequity is now one of the largest Royal LePage affiliates in Canada, boasting 17 offices throughout the GTA, including Mississauga and Whitby with over 450 agents.

Terrequity’s mission is to help agents build a great business. Terrequity wants to partner with great agents who provide excellent customer service and are proactive, trusted advisors.

Andrew also helped to create Terrequity Children’s Foundation, which is the only registered charity in the real estate brokerage industry dedicated exclusively to improving the lives of children.

In his personal life, Andrew and his partner, Mary, together have four adult sons and enjoy theatre, movies and spending time with family.

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